Environmental and Climate Adaptation Consulting

What do we offer?

  • low-cost and effective LONG-TERM solutions for disaster-risk reduction, water and food security, marine-resource management, sustainable agriculture, sustainable livelihoods, waste management, and community Engagement.

  • Scientific and community-based vulnerability assessments

  • Practical and culturally appropriate solutions that strengthen local governance, cultural identity, traditional knowledge, and autonomy for resilient communities

  • Community-based and ecosystem-based adaptation planning with proven methodologies

  • Extensive international and cross-cultural experience

  • International team with diverse expertise

Are we what you’re looking for?

Our community-driven approach utilizes elements of capacity building, ecosystem-based solutions, sustainable livelihoods, improved social cohesion, and appropriate technology that empower communities to address the specific challenges they face. 

Solutions often include elements of integrated watershed management, sustainable water management, agroecology, ecological restoration, marine resource management, and disaster risk reduction.

Our programs increase resilience to climate change while increasing adaptive capacity, food security, water security, biodiversity conservation, and gender equality.



Cuba: Parque Nacional de Humboldt. Fuertes y preparados frente al cambio climático.


Ecothropic has partnered with the Vermont Caribbean Institute and the Alejandro de Humboldt Environmental Services Unit of CITMA in awareness raising and assisting local communities in developing Local Early Action plans to make themselves stronger as they confront the impacts of climate change. 

Solomon Island Community Conservation Partnership


Integrating climate change planning into community-based adaptation to reduce   vulnerability in Solomon Islands. Rendova, Tetepare and Gatokae Islands, Western Province, Solomon Islands.

Design and facilitation of Community Participative Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Planning with C2O Consulting. 2016-2017


2015 - 2018

Secretariat of the Pacific Community funded; Consortium Partners - OPUS International, C2O, OceansWatch

The Vanuatu RESCCUE consortium will contribute to increasing the resilience of ecosystems and communities in north Efate to global changes. RESCCUE aims to support adaptation to climate change through integrated coastal management, including economic and financial mechanisms.

OceansWatch Climate Change Program


Partners: OceansWatch Solomon Islands, OceansWatch Vanuatu, OceansWatch New Zealand

OceansWatch's climate change program facilitates communities in the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands to adapt to climate change through Local Early Adaptation Planning and by supporting a network of information sharing in the region. The program is part of a three-pronged approach, Climate Change Adaptation, Marine Resource Management, and Sustainable Livelihoods, which aims to increase resilience to climate change impacts in region.

Innovative Mechanisms for a Cooperative Climate Change Adaptation Program in the Sierra Madre and the Coast of Chiapas, Mexico.


Partners: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GmbH (GIZ) funded; The Nature Conservancy (TNC); Fondo de Conservación El Triunfo (FONCET); Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales y Agropecuarias (INIFAP); Pronatura; Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE); Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP)

This TNC managed project aimed to design and implement of an integrated ecosystem-based adaptation strategy in Sierra Madre/Coastal Chiapas that a) involves resource users in managing the landscape for adaptation to climate change, b) promotes resource conservation, fosters economic development, and ameliorates climate change impacts on ecological systems and livelihoods, and c) is financially sustainable over time.


What they say about Ecothropic?

I have known and worked with Britt since 2015 on different projects in the Pacific. She brings a unique combination of environmental knowledge, compassion and story-telling to her work, and is always full of new ideas and energy. Britt is professional and a pleasure to work with, and I’d definitely work with her again. Her community-focused knowledge of climate change impacts and positive actions is an asset to any project aiming for a sustainable and empowered future.
— Johanna Johnson, C2O Consulting
Britt consulted with our conservation group to identify meaningful ways for 75 young leaders to identify and plan for climate threats across the Colorado Plateau. She was flexible, adaptive, and a pleasure to work with...Our group was concerned with tackling social and environmental justice across a very broad area, and Britt’s vision and experience helped make that seem accessible. I can’t wait to see the growth that happens over the next several months.

Ecothropic featured on America Adapts: Human Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation

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